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  • Unbelievably Affordable

    It's a very budget-friendly service where, only for $14.99/month~, you can watch unlimited streaming of more than 20,000 movies of popular websites. That means, for about 33 cents a day, you can enjoy top-notch porn movies, unlimited.

  • Endless New Movies

    New movies are added every day so you will never get tired of watching the same movies. From porn stars to real amateurs' POV (Point of View), we cover all genres so that anybody can have fun.

  • Safe & Comfortable

    There's no need to worry about Viruses or Spyware. What's more, your favorite movies won't suddenly disappear; you won't feel stress of watching poor quality or short boring movies. We promise for your safe and comfortable masturbation Life.

  • Mobile Friendly

    You can watch many of your favorite porn movies anywhere, anytime on your computer, laptop, tablet, iOS or Android smartphone, and TV.

  • $14.99/30days

    Basic Member

    *Auto-Charge Every 30days

    Only Basic Movies

  • $19.99/30days

    Premium Member

    *Auto-Charge Every 30days

    Basic Movies + Premium Movies

Basic Movies


Premium Movies


Premium movies are superior in quality, casting famous porn stars!

Check Premium Movies

If you're not satisfied with Basic Movies, you can always upgrade to Premium Membership!

  • Unlimited Play Time

  • TV/PC/Mobile/Tablet

  • Many Famous
    Porn Stars

  • 20,000 Movies+

  • Stunning HD

Recommended Movies Added Endlessly!

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Popular PPV Providers' Movies are Constantly Added!

Reliable Customer Support

This website is managed by KINGSUMMIT for charges and Allbright for Customer Support.
(The site name will not show up on your credit card statement.)

Free 24HOURS English OK
  • Ask Questions by E-mail

About Membership

Member Privilege
Unlimited streaming on movies within Unlimited Streaming Plan
Membership Fee
Basic plan : US$14.99/30days, US$149.99/360days
Premium plan : US$19.99/30days, US$199.99/360days
Method of Payment
Credit Cards Only
Accepted Credit Cards
VISA / JCB / Master Card / Diners Club
ID & Password Issuance
Immediately after Registration
Customer Support
Telephone / Email / Chat

We utilize a secure protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web together with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on Identity and Billing Information.

About D2Pass

D2Pass is a secure and convenient Common Network Login System where you only need one login ID to access to multiple websites. Once registered, you can purchase memberships of any other websites using the D2Pass system by simply entering your password.

About Cancellation

You must cancel your membership at least one day before your next billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring charges. You will receive confirmation e-mail when you complete the process. You'll LOSE SITE ACCESS IMMEDIATELY AFTER you have cancelled your account. Once cancelled, you need to re-join in order to start using the service again.

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Are you sure you want to cancel?

You are a special member who can use the Premium service with a normal membership fee. Please note that, as soon as you cancel, you'll lose the special status.

In addition, at Channel Heydouga, You'll LOSE SITE ACCESS IMMEDIATELY AFTER you cancel your account.

You'll LOSE SITE ACCESS IMMEDIATELY AFTER you have cancelled your account. Once cancelled, you need to re-join in order to start using the service again.