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How to Use the Video Player

Free Streaming Movie Sample
  1. 1Play/Pause Button

    You can play or pause sample movie by clicking the Play/Pause button in the middle of the screen or on the bottom left of the player.

  2. 2Progress Bar

    This bar indicates what part of movie is currently playing. You can also fast forward or rewind by moving this bar.

  3. 3Mute/Volume Adjustment

    It is available by clicking to mute or moving the bar to adjust volume.

  4. 4Enlarged Display (Reduced)

    Enlarge or reduce the movie screen.

  5. 5Full Screen Display

    Enlarge the movie screen. Press "Esc" key on you keyboard to shrink it back.

  6. 6Average Rating

    Review Rating will be shown in yellow stars.

  7. 7Views

    Showing How many times actually played. Updated every 24 hours.

Purchasing Movies

  1. 1Add To Shopping Cart

    When you decide to purchase the movie, Just click ADD TO SHOPPING CART Button。
    On the Shopping Cart page, if you want to continue shopping for more movies, click CONTINUE SHOPPINGbutton.

    You can check your Shopping Cart anytime you want by clicking 1CART button on the top right of every pages.

  2. 2Payment

    When you are ready to purchase all movies you want, click either;
    -NEW Customers First Time? button
    -Returning Customers Already Have ID (Registered Customers) button.

    Make sure that all the fields are inputted correctly. No spaces, hyphens "-" and underscores "_" are allowed in any of the fields. If error message still occurs, write down the error message and session ID and contact our customer service department.

  3. 3Download Movies

    After the purchase, you can download from the movie detail page with Logged in or accessing History page by clicking the menu on top of each pages.
    The downlod will be available for 2 weeks after the purchase, but you can enjoy your downloaded movie on your PC unlimited!! (NO DRM or any restrictions applied to the downloaded movies)
    How to Download >>

    Please don't forget to write review to share your opinions to other users!!

Recommended System Requirements


To enjoy all site's features, we recommend that you use the latest version of browser. The old version browser may not display properly.


The display size more than 1024px x 768px is recommended.


Broadband Network Connection of more than 1Mbps speed.

To see sample movies, you need Adobe Flash Player.

All Hey Douga movies have streaming sample movies with FLV format. To see these samples, Adobe Flash PlayerPlugin (Version 8 or later) is required. If the movie doesn't play properly, check the version of Flash Player and use the latest Plug in.

Flash Playerの入手

To see purchased movies, you need Windows Media Player

Please download proper player on your computer.

Windows Media Playerの入手