Selling Contents

We will Sell Your Movie Contents!

  • Feel free to set your own price!
  • No technical expertise necessary!
  • Great place for advertising your own product lines!

At Heydouga, you can easily sell your own movie contents at a PPV (pay-per-view) basis.
No registration/activation fees necessary.
All you need are movie contents; we don't inquire for your past sales history.
Trusted and supported by countless fans for many years, Heydouga could be a reliable source of income for you!

Why it's easy to earn at Heydouga

  • No need to create
    your own website!

  • Customer Service & credit card process
    is handled by Heydouga!

  • All you need are
    movie files and jpg images!

Easy steps to make commissions at Heydouga


Before you participate to our website, we would like to view your contents.
You can either upload the sample movie to a website or send it to us in an MP4 format (approximately 3 minute long).

Accepted movies for sale

  • The contents without infringement of the copyright and right of portrait, and that performer(s) and copyright holder(s) have legally agreed to sell
  • You need to submit a proof of age of performer(s). A copy of one of the following government issued, picture IDs is accepted:
    - Driver's License
    - Passport


After agreeing to our contract, new applicants need to sign and send it in.

Price Setting: You can set the price of your choice
Payment of Your Commission: Paid out monthly; commission of 100 dollars and above is payable
*If the month's commission is less than 100 dollars, its payment will get carried-over to the next month.

Your commission report is accessible any time on a designated administration page.

3Selling on the webpage

Movie contents are sold either by download or streaming only. You cannot sell mail-in-type movies. In addition, DRM (Digital Rights Management) is not accepted.

  • Movie File (MP4)
  • Sample Movies (MP4)
  • 2 Sample Images (JPG)
  • Movie Title and Text Data


Please fee free to contact us for any questions from this form.