Selling Contents

At Heydouga, we are currently recruiting sellers!

  • No specialized knowledge is required. All you need is your content!
  • The affiliate costs are fully covered by the site!
  • Earn rewards on both services (Pay Per View and Streaming)

    PPV Rewards are determined based on the price you decide. On streaming service,
    the rewards are determined based on the number of viewers for each content you provide.

With Heydouga, you can easily monetize your adult videos.
There are no fixed costs whatsoever, so you don't have to worry about operating at a loss, as the only expense is the sales commission.
No matter your sales history, individuals are welcome to join.

Please consider joining Heydouga, which has been in operation for 14 years.

Why it's easy to earn at Heydouga

  • No need to create
    your own website!

  • Customer Service & credit card process
    is handled by Heydouga!

  • All you need are
    movie files and jpg images!

Easy steps to start selling

1Provisional Registration

Submit your email address through the provisional registration form above.

2Definitive Registration

Follow the instructions in the email and submit your banking information on the definitive registration page.


A signature is required on our designated contract.

4Movie Registration

Register your movie info and upload files on the dedicated management page.

Required Files

  • Streaming video files (MP4)
  • 2 sample images (JPG)
  • Sample video (MP4) - Optional if no sample video is available.
    ※You are free to set the selling price.

Eligible contents for sale

  • Contents that do not infringe on the copyrights or portrait rights of others.
  • Contents for which performers and copyright owners have legally agreed to sell.
  • Contents for which the age of performers can be proven.
    • ・Driver's license
    • ・Passport
    • ・Other official identification with a facial photo.


Paid monthly. A minimum of $100 or more in sales is required for payment.
※If the earnings are less than $100, they will be carried over to the next month.


Please fee free to contact us for any questions from this form.